New book on the iBookstore! “iPads in Music Education”

I have been using iPads in my music classes–daily–since the iPad was introduced in 2010. Since that time I have given dozens of presentations on how iPads can be used in music education, and I released a book on the iBookstore entitled “Practical Technology in Music Education.” Over the past year, it became clear to me that a book specifically about the iPad and its use in music education was needed. Over the past months, the book came together, and is now available on the iBookstore. It is selling for $8.99 (1).

iPads in Music Education (link)

The new book contains special interactive features, such as interactive widgets for websites and YouTube videos from Bookry, some personally-created videos only available via the book (e.g. a how-to video on wireless mirroring, which is the #1 question at presentations), and even a few 3D models from the Google 3D warehouse.

I am also in the process of reworking “Practical Technology for Music Education,” and have moved (and updated) the comprehensive iPad app list from PTfME to iPads in Music Education (there are still app lists in PTfME, but not at the same depth…the new chapters in PTfME reflect recent changes in technology, such as the Chromebook, and “Key Apps” for all those devices).

If you are looking for a how-to book on the use of iPads in music education, I hope you will consider my new book!

(1) If you are curious about why I chose $8.99, I figure that after Apple’s 30% and the government’s (national and state) cut, will yield income of under $4.00 per copy sold. Additionally, I plan to release free updates to the book versus selling new versions, making it important that the income from the book reflects that change in the ability to update the book.

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