iPad Case Suggestion

I received an e-mail today from a choir director who recommended the New Trent Grabbit iPad case. This is a $35 case that allows you to hold the iPad with a grip on the back of the iPad.

Here's a compilation of comments from the e-mail (I have made slight adjustments to make their comments fit into the blog post):

This iPad case has become an invaluable tool. I can conduct with one hand while holding the case, or I can take a video of mouth shapes, head position, etc. while walking around my students. I can then project that video via the Apple TV, which is also a very powerful tool. I have had the case for over a year. It is a hard plastic shell with a leather hand strap. It still looks and functions like new, and protects the corners of the iPad, as well as the display when I have its cover snapped shut on the iPad. It survives inside my computer bag, or when I simply carry it alone by the leather handle. It is also great for taking notes or annotating a score.

That's high praise for this case! $35 is a minimal investment (available from New Trent or Amazon), so if you are looking for an iPad case with a handle, check this one out!



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