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MET Podcast

Paul is at band camp, and Chris is leading workshops for the Wisconsin Center for Music Education.  Paul called in and visited with us for a half hour–and this is the recording of that visit.  As always, thank you to UberChord for providing our hosting at SoundCloud for these podcasts.   Show notes will eventually be online at


New Podcast Episode: MET Podcast 009 with Eckart Burgwedel from UberChord

Paul and I are happy to announce the release of our latest podcast.  In the first half, Paula and I talk a bit about our summers and what we are up to, as well as technology news.  In the second half, we interview Eckart Burgwedel, CEO of UberChord.

UberChord kindly offered to pay for our first year’s hosting fees on SoundCloud, but we would have interviewed SoundCloud anyway.  If you are a developer or a company, and you would like to talk with Paul and I about your product and its potential for music education, please contact us!  We are also open to talking to other influential teachers in the field.

We are learning a lot in this podcast endeavor–and we are hoping that you are, too.  We enjoy hearing the back stories behind the apps and the products.

Show notes (

Music Education & Technology Podcast Episode 008 (Sheet Music Scanner)

It has been a while, but Paul and I managed to find some common time to record another podcast!  We cover a lot of ground (see the show notes), but the main part of the podcast is an interview with David Zemsky, the developer who has created the Sheet Music Scanner app.  I personally find it interesting to hear about the background of various apps, as well as to learn more about the development process from the development side of the process.

We will be back sooner than later with another podcast…but for now, enjoy!

MET Podcast 007


I am at the Michigan Music Conference this weekend, and last night Paul Shimmons ( recorded a podcast discussing conferences as well as the news from NAMM including Komp, IK Multimedia, and big updates to GarageBand for iOS and Logic.  The show notes are available (depending on wi-fi availability here at the conference) at

New edition of the Music Education and Technology Podcast

Good morning!  We just published our latest episode of the Music Education and Technology Podcast.  You can see show notes here, and the episode is linked below.