A New MET Podcast for 2020

Well, Paul Shimmons and I had the chance to sit down–in person–today at the 2020 Michigan Music Conference, and to record an episode of the podcast. It was noisy…and became even more loud as we recorded. I say this in the podcast, but I also share this here: one of the huge blessings from this work (techinmusiced.com and ukestuff.info) has been developing some wonderful friendships with people hundreds (sometimes thousands) of miles away. People like Paul Shimmons (the co-host of podcast) are people I would have never met without this work. So I find myself incredibly grateful for the unintended positive consequences of this work.

In this episode, Paul and I talk about a lot of things, ranging from our joint session (which was a bust, but we did get a chance to visit with a couple of educators by the time was gone) to where we buy equipment, to what we’re using in terms of hardware and software these days. We also talk a bit about why so many of the music education technology bloggers have been pretty quiet. Yes, we’ve all been busy, but it is more than that.

And once again, I’ve have a lovely time in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and I’d invite you all to try to make it to this conference sometime. And to visit in the summer, too.


MET Podcast #13…We’re Back

Paul Shimmons and I were able to get together to wrap up an episode of the MET Podcast this past weekend.  That podcast…it’s a long one…is now available to listen to online, and should populate on Apple Podcasts and Google Play in the next 24 hours.

Our featured guest (at 58 minutes into the podcast) is Don Crafton, from Sight Reading Factory, a program that Paul and I both use in our classrooms.

MET Podcast #012

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

The latest episode of the MET Podcast is out…a delightful interview with Dan Scott, an orchestra teacher from Jenison, Michigan.  Check out the show notes as the interview references a presentation he has given on 50 ways to use technology in a performance based classroom!

link to show notes: https://metpodcast.wordpress.com/2017/11/23/episode-12-dan-scott-orchestra-teacher-in-jenison-michigan/

link to audio: https://archive.org/download/METPodcast/MetPodcast012.m4a

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New Episode of the MET Podcast (#11)

Well, it appears that the archive.org/WordPress/FeedBurner/Apple Podcasts solution to podcast hosting is working–and I just uploaded our most recent Podcast with Mark Shelton, an author and percussionist/teacher who wrote a book entitled, “Give Me a Tablet.”  The book is available through Heritage Music Press and can be bought at any music dealer.

The podcast is available via Apple Podcasts, as well as archive.org.

Link to the audio: https://archive.org/download/METPodcast/MET%20Podcast%20011.m4a