The MET Podcast…what? A new episode?

Episode #014 of the MET Podcast is now available!


MET Podcast #13…We’re Back

Paul Shimmons and I were able to get together to wrap up an episode of the MET Podcast this past weekend.  That podcast…it’s a long one…is now available to listen to online, and should populate on Apple Podcasts and Google Play in the next 24 hours.

Our featured guest (at 58 minutes into the podcast) is Don Crafton, from Sight Reading Factory, a program that Paul and I both use in our classrooms.

MET Podcast #012

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

The latest episode of the MET Podcast is out…a delightful interview with Dan Scott, an orchestra teacher from Jenison, Michigan.  Check out the show notes as the interview references a presentation he has given on 50 ways to use technology in a performance based classroom!

link to show notes:

link to audio:

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New Episode of the MET Podcast (#11)

Well, it appears that the Podcasts solution to podcast hosting is working–and I just uploaded our most recent Podcast with Mark Shelton, an author and percussionist/teacher who wrote a book entitled, “Give Me a Tablet.”  The book is available through Heritage Music Press and can be bought at any music dealer.

The podcast is available via Apple Podcasts, as well as

Link to the audio:

MET Podcast – News

I just wanted to offer a short update on the MET Podcast, which is a joint effort by Paul Shimmons and myself. Paul and I are going to continue to do the podcast, and in fact, we have our next interview scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday, October 17th).

However, our year’s subscription to SoundCloud—kindly paid by UberChord for the year—expired yesterday. Older tracks were automatically archived by SoundCloud, and only the latest episodes (nothing recent) are available.

Simply put, Paul and I need to do some research and communicate with each other regarding how we want to proceed with hosting the podcast. UberChord had mentioned continuing to sponsor the podcast—which would be wonderful; and it would also be okay if they cannot continue to do so. Last year’s events with SoundCloud make me wary about continuing to host the podcast there. I have been looking into podcasting hosting sites, such as Libsyn,, and Podbean. is great in that it is free, but I cannot determine how to use it to set up a RSS feed that would lead to the Apple Podcast directory (if anyone can help me with this—please do, as this is out of my area of expertise). Libsyn and Podbean offer automatic RSS feeds, but reflect a larger investment financially.

I have been considering starting a Patreon for and; but also hesitate to pursue endeavors that require regular investments (e.g. hosting), rewards, and potential income.

If anyone has any thoughts on all of this, please e-mail me. I should also add that we haven’t been unhappy with SoundCloud (although you cannot upload a file off an iPad, which is a little silly), but the company’s financial woes lead me to want to pursue other options.

New Podcast Episode: MET Podcast 009 with Eckart Burgwedel from UberChord

Paul and I are happy to announce the release of our latest podcast.  In the first half, Paula and I talk a bit about our summers and what we are up to, as well as technology news.  In the second half, we interview Eckart Burgwedel, CEO of UberChord.

UberChord kindly offered to pay for our first year’s hosting fees on SoundCloud, but we would have interviewed SoundCloud anyway.  If you are a developer or a company, and you would like to talk with Paul and I about your product and its potential for music education, please contact us!  We are also open to talking to other influential teachers in the field.

We are learning a lot in this podcast endeavor–and we are hoping that you are, too.  We enjoy hearing the back stories behind the apps and the products.

Show notes (