Some new Techinmusiced resources: Assessments and Warm-Ups

I’ve decided to put some additional resources on  The first resources are a number of assessments that I put together in collaboration with the Perpich Center for Arts Education and the State of Minnesota.  These assessments are based on the Minnesota Arts Standards, and are still in the “working” phase.  All of the assessments utilize technology in some way, some use specific iPad apps.  You are welcome to use and adapt any assessment presented on this blog.

The second resource I wanted to add was a collection of choral warm-ups that can be perused and saved for use on the iPad (or any other presentation device/software).  I’ve recreated all of these warm-ups (I’ve made most of them in the past) for a uniform look.  If you have warm-ups you would like me to add, simply send me them in Finale or MusicXML format.  I will be adding to this page throughout the summer, with a goal of having 200 warm-ups in at least 3 different formats (syllables, solfege, and blank) by the end of August.  I also plan on making a ZIP file of all of the images, so you can download all of them at once.  Keep checking back to see the progress I’m making.  At the moment, I’ve loaded 5 humming warm-ups, meaning 15 total images.  The images may make the page load too slowly–we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.