Creating Tabs With A Dotted Leader (Great for Concert Programs)

I was in a Twitter conversation the other day, where Paul Shimmons (, Robby Burns (, and I were discussing some things, including my hesitation toward buying a new MacBook. My ten year old MacBook works just fine, but Apple “iWork” documents that I create on my iPad no longer open on my old MacBook.

I use my iPad for 99% of my work with the exception of Finale work and some things in Apple’s own programs (new versions of which do not operate on my old MacBook, although I can run if I need to).

There are some things that Pages on Mac can still to that, to my knowledge, Pages on iOS cannot. One of those comes to creating a concert program, where I use a dotted leader to show the space between song title and composer/arranger.

I thought this would be an excellent video to create, because I am sure that there are music teachers out there who do not know how to do this…it is easy to do, but you simply need to know what to do. Watch the video for the instructions…it is better to watch than to read about.