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A New Podcast…

Hugh Sung, who was a co-founder of the AirTurn Bluetooth Pedal, recently launched a new podcast series entitled, “A Musical Life.” You can find that podcast at

Mr. Sung has a remarkable bio which can be seen on his website He calls himself a pianist, author, and musician. I would also add “teacher” and “good guy” to the list.

As a “techie,” Hugh has excellent insight on technology integration with music (not “just” music education) and has been an exceptional source of information for me, particularly with non-iOS devices.

Mr Sung describes his latest podcast this way:

Every week I’m going to be sharing stories about making music and the things that move our souls. Thanks to my work as a professional pianist and tech entrepreneur, I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many amazing musicians and music lovers from all walks of life

As a music educator with young children that cannot find time to participate or attend professional music events, I am looking forward to Mr. Sung's podcasts as a way to rejuvenate my musical soul (I don't say that as a theological concept, but if you are a musician, you know what I mean) until I can be involved in professional music again.

So…check out the new podcast,and best wishes to Mr. Sung as he puts together weekly episodes!