On the Music Tech Teacher Podcast


A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to visit with Katie Wardrobe on her podcast via Skype.  Katie is an Australian music teacher, technology trainer, podcast host (and more) who is the only person I know that has been able to make a full-time job out of helping other music teachers use music technology.  And, may I add, Katie is perfect for the job as she is able to blend instruction, her natural ability to put people at ease, organization, and of course, valuable resources together in one place.  She offers a subscription based community of music educators who benefit from her instruction and resources–and you can check out that community at her website (midnightmusic.com.au).

Our conversation was split into two parts–the first part being about music technology in general, and the second part about ukulele.  The first link went live last week–and I failed to post about that as I have been busy arranging some music for our high school choirs as well as doing some ukulele work.  Now that the second link is out, I figured I would post about both podcast episodes at the same time.

If you haven’t subscribed to Katie’s podcast–you should do so.

You can find the links to our discussion below (to Katie’s Podcast area on the Midnight Music website) or you can find them on Apple Podcasts/Google Play.


A New Podcast…

Hugh Sung, who was a co-founder of the AirTurn Bluetooth Pedal, recently launched a new podcast series entitled, “A Musical Life.” You can find that podcast at http://amusicallife.com.

Mr. Sung has a remarkable bio which can be seen on his website http://www.hughsung.com. He calls himself a pianist, author, and musician. I would also add “teacher” and “good guy” to the list.

As a “techie,” Hugh has excellent insight on technology integration with music (not “just” music education) and has been an exceptional source of information for me, particularly with non-iOS devices.

Mr Sung describes his latest podcast this way:

Every week I’m going to be sharing stories about making music and the things that move our souls. Thanks to my work as a professional pianist and tech entrepreneur, I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many amazing musicians and music lovers from all walks of life

As a music educator with young children that cannot find time to participate or attend professional music events, I am looking forward to Mr. Sung's podcasts as a way to rejuvenate my musical soul (I don't say that as a theological concept, but if you are a musician, you know what I mean) until I can be involved in professional music again.

So…check out the new podcast,and best wishes to Mr. Sung as he puts together weekly episodes!