App List for iOS

This is not a comprehensive list of apps for music education (there are thousands), but these apps represent a collection of good and reliable apps that can be used in the music classroom.  If you know of a great app that belongs in this list, please e-mail me and let me know.  I cannot guarantee that any app will be included in this smaller list (see my interactive book on the iBookstore, iPads in Music Education, if you are interested in a larger list), and I was not paid by any developer to include their app in this list.  Many of these apps are apps that either I or my students use.

This list of apps is using links with referral codes.  If you click a link and purchase an app, roughly 7% of the purchase price of the app is awarded to me, out of Apple’s 30%.  Whether you use a referral code or not, the price of the app is the same, and the developer earns the same amount per app.  All apps are “paid apps” (some have In-App Purchases) unless they are marked as “free.”

PDF Music Readers

Other Music Readers

Music Notation and Composition

iPads as Interactive White Boards

Remote Control of PC (Win/Mac) with iPad

Presentation Software (or tools)

Music Theory

Sight Reading




Movie Creation


Recorder (instrument)

Classroom Management



Music Instruments

Elementary General Music

Music Appreciation/History




Office Apps

Audio Editing/Recording

 Miscellaneous Apps

Green Note/Red Note Music Assessment

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