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Christopher J. Russell, Ph.D., is the author of the Technology in Music Education Blog and author of several books on the topic.  He is the Director of Choirs at Oltman Middle School in St. Paul Park, Minnesota, a school that went 1:1 iPad in the fall of 2013.   He was featured for his work in the area of technology integration in music education in the October 2014 issue of Choral Director Magazine.  He earned a Bachelor of Science in Music Education from Northwestern College, a Master of Arts in Music Education with a Choral Emphasis at the University of St. Thomas, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Music from the University of Minnesota.  He has also worked toward a Master of Divinity at Bethel Theological Seminary.  He previously taught middle school music in the tropical climate of the Dominican Republic at the Carol Morgan School in Santo Domingo, was the Director of Choirs at Park High School in Cottage Grove, Minnesota (1997-2009), and was the Director of Choirs at East Ridge High School in Woodbury, Minnesota (2009-2013).  Dr. Russell is a lyric tenor and tubist, and in addition to his activities at East Ridge High School, he has been a guest conductor of the South Washington County Community Band, has directed the orchestra for the Woodbury Community Theater, and has sung with the Woodbury Community Theater, the Minnesota Chorale, and the Minnesota Opera.  He has served on district technology committees in both the district where he works and the district where he lives. Dr. Russell has presented He has presented over fifty sessions on technology at professional conferences across the United States including TIES (Technology Education Educational Services), MMEA (Minnesota Music Educators Association), IAMEA (Iowa Music Educators Association), ILMEA (Illinois Music Educators Association), WIMEA (Wisconsin Music Educators Association), TI:ME/TMEA (Technology Institute in Music Education/Texas Music Educators Association), the Perpich Center for the Arts, and NCACDA (North Central American Choral Directors Association).   He has written articles that have appeared in the Interval, the journal of the MMEA, and the Loop Magazine.    In his spare time, Dr. Russell enjoys riding his Victory Motorcycle and working with all kinds of technology.  He is happily married to his wife Liz and has an sixteen-year-old stepson, Josh, an eight-year-old son, Andy, and a four-year-old son, Luke.

Availability for Consulting

Does your music program want training and advice on how to integrate technology into education?  Ae you tired of professional development sessions that have nothing to do with music education and technology?  Dr. Russell is available (on a limited basis during the school year) to work in partnership with schools or organizations, advising them how to use technology in order to meet their educational objectives or overcome problems in all subject areas, not “just” music education.

In addition to his skills with iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches, and Mac and PC Computers, Dr. Russell is a SMART Certified Trainer on PC and Mac platforms (version 10), and also holds certification on the use of SMART Response systems.  He is also able to lead professional development on Chromebook and Android platforms in music education–although these devices do offer some challenges to technology integration in music education.  As a technology coach, Dr. Russell is familiar with Finale, SmartMusic, Notion, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office, Apple iWork, Apple iLife, iBooks Author, and many other applications.

Dr. Russell is also available for presentations at technology conferences, music education conferences, and colleges and universities.  He is open to sponsorship from companies or developers to present at sessions across the country and/or world.  His energy, knowledge, teaching skills, enthusiasm, honesty, and sense of humor will help your staff reach the next level of technology integration.

Dr. Russell has led professional development sessions for a number of districts, including the South Washington County School District [his home district], the Duluth School District, the Westonka School District, the Hastings School District, and the Minnetonka School District.

Please contact Dr. Russell for fees.  There are different fees for private training during a non-contractual day (based upon his teaching contract) or a contractual day (the fee would include all previous fees plus his daily rate of pay at his current teaching job for each day missed for your training sessions as he would have to take leave without pay to present sessions at your location), plus travel expenses (mileage/air/car rental/hotel).  Even with these expenses, his rates end up being significantly lower than most trainers/speakers.

Please send an e-mail to techinmusiced @ g m a i l . c o m for further information.

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