A Colleague’s Post on Midnight Music

One of the (excellent/strong/trustworthy) voices in the world of Technology in Music Education is Katie Wardrobe, an Australian who is an expert in the field.  Katie can teach just about any aspect of technology for music education at any level.  Katie’s website is http://midnightmusic.com.au and one of the recent things Katie has done is to open her blog up to other educators to submit articles.

One of my colleagues in my school district, Mallory Martin, recently had an article about “flipping the music classroom” published at Midnight Music.  Please visit and support Midnight Music, and also visit Mallory’s website: https://mrsmartinsmusicroom.wordpress.com.

A Visit with Chad Criswell from MusicEdMagic (Video Podcast from musicedmagic.com)

A couple of weeks ago, Chad Criswell (author of MusicEdMagic.com, a band teacher in Iowa, who is also the person responsible for all technology articles in NAfME publications) and I sat down to talk about the latest news in music education technology.  It was great to visit with Chad, who I have had the chance to visit with a number of times at some music conferences, including the Iowa Music Education Association Professional Development Conference.  I appreciate Chad asking me to visit with him on the podcast!


A great post by Philip Rothman about NotateMe on the Sibelius Blog

A few years ago, Philip Rothman took over the Sibelius Blog as most of the Sibelius team headed to Steinberg (I believe that Daniel Spreadbury, who was a part of that group, used to run the Sibelius Blog). Although the Sibelius Blog was never limited to “Sibelius-Only” items, Mr. Rothman writes about music notation in a broader sense. As a result, if you are a person that uses software from other companies/developers, and you haven't followed the Sibelius Blog, you are missing out.

Last week, as MakeMusic announced its transition to go under the umbrella of Peaksware, Mr. Rothman was also given access to the new CEO over MakeMusic, and was able to ask questions that I had not thought of. As I mentioned, the topic for me became more about the people currently employed by MakeMusic, as I have had the opportunity to get to know a number of MakeMusic's staff over the past years. I was very happy to be able to read Mr. Rothman's information about the news.

Today, Mr. Rothman wrote about one of my favorite iOS/Android apps, NotateMe. He did so with feedback from Neuratron's CEO, Martin Dawe–and I really enjoyed reading about Mr. Rothman's experiment with NotateMe. So, go read the article. And if you subscribe to blog feeds (my latest choice of blog feed readers is Feedly), subscribe to the Sibelius Blog so you can read all of his posts!


Another Blog to Follow: Coach4Technology

I am preparing for my sessions at the Wisconsin Center for Music Education next week (Monday and Tuesday are “Technology in Music Education” while Wednesday and Thursday are “iPad in Music Education”…you may still be able to register onsite if you are interested), and I was looking up information on Android.

A blog post popped up from Dr. David Brian Williams, Professor Emeritus of Music and Arts Technology at Illinois State University.  I had not previously known about his website, so I have added a link here at techinmusiced.com (again, I don’t mind if the only reason people visit the site is to get to other people’s websites).

If you would like to follow Dr. William’s work, you can do so at: coach4technology.net

As always, if you know other webpages/blogs I should include, or if you find a dead link in my blogroll or books, please send me an e-mail!

Another choral tech blog to follow

I just wanted to post a short message about a new blog that you can follow by my colleague in New Jersey, Barbara Retzko.  Barbara has served at the high school and collegiate levels in recent years, and also has served as a member on the New Jersey ACDA Board of Directors.   Barbara and I have been working together–via distance [e-mail]–to support her various technology initiatives over the past few years.

She is blogging about her experiences (staring with past articles that she has written for the NJ-ACDA), and I’d like to invite you to follow her work:


When it comes down to it, the number of music educators who actively blog about their use of technology is very small.  I think many teachers think that what they are doing isn’t good enough to write about, or of interest to anyone else.  I encourage you to put that thought aside; there are many people who want to read about what you are doing with technology in your classes and how you are doing it.  So, follow Barbara’s lead, and start a blog!

And if you know other blogs that I should be including, please let me know so I can include them in the blog roll (which appears on the left hand side of the webpage on a computer, and on the bottom of the screen on a portable device).