Some Sight Reading News


A couple of sight reading updates have come to my attention, and I wanted to share those with you.

First, Dale Duncan has teamed up with MusicProdigy, and for $100, teachers can sign up for a version of Music Prodigy for all of their students that gives them access to Dale’s exercises.  As a teacher that uses the S-Cubed Method (which I think is appropriate for upper elementary or high school as much as Dale sells it as a Middle School method), I think I will be buying this for my students.  The S-Cubed Method is available through Teachers Pay Teachers, and I highly recommend it.

Second, Sight Reading Factory is an app that generates endless sight reading examples, and can now generate multi-voice exercises for vocal and instrumental music.  Sight Reading Factory does have an iPad version, but also works on Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks.  Sight Reading Factory offers some trial materials, but understandably, full access requires payment.  SRF is also available as a part of MusicFirst offerings.