Quiet times

My blog has been pretty quiet these past few weeks, and I thought I would mention why:

1) We are in a lull before iOS 7 and new Apple hardware is released; most developers are quietly working on iOS 7 versions of their apps and not doing a lot of updating for iOS 6.

2) I'm just a couple weeks from reporting back to school; actually, I have school events throughout this week that are “unofficial.” We launched iPads with 6th grade students tonight, and will do so on Thursday and next week for 7th & 8th grade students. My main role was to present the session on “iPad care, guidelines, policies, and digital citizenship highlights.”

3) I have a new book on the iBookstore that is “in review,” and I have an update for Practical Technology in Music Education (my other book on the iBookstore) which I am working on that includes the Chromebook (odd to add information on the Chomebook on a Mac-centric book, but that's okay). PTfME is undergoing a big change in layout, plus the elimination of a number of chapters that are no longer pertinent. It's hard to believe that a book can go out of date so quickly (published on the iBookstore in March 2012), but there was a lot to correct in that book already!

I'm looking forward to a new school year at a new school with new students and new technology. I'll miss my old school, colleagues, and students, as I have whenever I have left a job. There have been some changes in my new school (one of the teacher leaders was just hired as an assistant principal in another district), so my role with technology is changing a little bit, which is fun. It's always nice to see situations in life where you make decisions that lead to affirmations of your choices.

I will get back to blogging as events warrant, whether based on the release of iOS 7 or from experience gained at my new position. And when any of my books go “live,” I will certainly post about it. I believe that the update to Practical Technology for Music Education will be a free update (I need to verify that upon uploading the book).


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