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A listener to the podcast requested a way to share links and information from the podcasts.  It was a fair request, but as Paul and I maintain our own blogs, it didn’t seem right to use both our blogs to post that information.

As a result, Paul and I have teamed together to publish a podcast blog, where you can see the topics we covered, listen to the podcast (streaming through your browser), and when needed, click links.

In the case of app links, you have a choice to click a link that gives a referral payment to Paul or I.  Referrals are fantastic…the app costs the same, and the developer gets the same amount, but 7% of the purchase price of the app (out of Apple’s 30% cut) comes back to the referrer.  On $.99 apps, this isn’t a big deal, but on an app like NotateMe, that represents a nice bonus to the referrer of the app.  As most of us don’t get paid for our efforts, your choice to download an app through a referral link helps out immensely.

So…if you would like to visit the Music Education & Technology Podcast site, go to:

We will include this information in future editions of the podcast.  And as always, if you have feedback, questions you would like us to answer, or people/companies you would like us to interview, please let us know through our gmail account at metpodcast (purposely not placing that as a traditional e-mail address to avoid spam mail.

ME&T Podcast #003

Good news!  The third episode of the Music Education & Technology is on SoundCloud (we are now on SoundCloud).  Our guest this time is Catie Dwinal, from Quaver Music, and in this episode we learn a lot about Quaver and discuss some of the needs of elementary music educators.  Many thanks to Paul Shimmons, the co-host, and to Catie Dwinal, for chatting with us.

Want to help someone out? GoFundMe

A few weeks ago, we had Micah Blouin from PreSonus as a guest on our podcast.  They are from Baton Rouge, LA, and eight employees lost their homes.  The company started a GoFundMe project to help those employees.  If you would like to help those families out, consider donating to this project.

Podcast sponsor?

We have some good news about the ME&T Podcast…we have already overwhelmed the free hosting features of Podomatic.  As a result, we’re looking for a service that can handle the storage and bandwidth of our podcast.

The answer is SoundCloud Pro Unlimited, which is $135 a year (this represents a discount over monthly billing).  We will be moving all of our existing material to SoundCloud and adding new episodes there in the future.  If you are following on iTunes, hopefully the feed will update with the new RSS feed.

Paul and I are wondering if there is a music education company out there that would be willing to sponsor the hosting fees for SoundCloud Pro for the podcast.  In exchange, we would be happy to read an advertisement for a YEAR for that company during the “break” that we have built into our podcasts.  Please send us an e-mail if you are a company that would be willing to sponsor our Podcast!


Have you missed the Podcast?  Hopefully these links from SoundCloud will appear below.

ME&T Podcast #2

Paul and I were able to wrap up our second podcast today.  It is a mega podcast (nearly 1.5 hours).  The first half features Paul and I chatting about technology news and some tech tips; the second half is a discussion with Micah Blouin from PreSonus, talking about Notion 6 (new) , Studio One, and some of PreSonus’s other education solutions.

If you are subscribed to the Podcast via iTunes, you should see an update in that feed.