Tempo Teacher by birdSound (developer app introduction)


I want techinmusiced.com to be a resource for teachers of music, and that includes app reviews. But as the App Store grows, and as new apps enter the field each and every day, I cannot possibly review them all. Some apps fall outside my area of expertise, while others simply hold no appeal for me. That doesn't mean that they are bad apps. So I recently edited my review policy to state that I welcome developers to send me some copy about their apps, as well as some pictures, and I will be happy to post those apps here on the blog. This doesn't mean that I endorse the app–but for the sake of information, I want the information to be available to those that read this blog.

The app featured in this blog is Tempo Teacher, and here is what the developers would like you to know about it:

Why is practicing with a metronome often difficult? As music teachers, we think traditional metronomes (and metronome apps) are missing an important feature: real-time feedback. A strong sense of rhythm is not just something you’re born with–it’s a skill that anyone can learn through practice! A good teacher can certainly help you improve, but how do you know if you’re practicing correctly when you're not at your lesson?

BirdSound has provided the answer with tempoTeacher, a new universal app for iOS. TempoTeacher has all of the features you’d expect from a traditional metronome and adds the missing piece: clear, real-time feedback to help you improve. It’s simple to use: just turn it on and start playing. TempoTeacher displays, analyzes, and scores your playing for rhythmic accuracy in real time. All you need to do is try to make the score go up! TempoTeacher automatically remembers and displays your top 10 scores, so practicing with a metronome feels more like playing a game than you ever thought possible!

Just started playing? Think you’re a virtuoso? TempoTeacher lets you adjust your skill level from beginner to expert, providing the optimum challenge for players of all abilities. In addition, Real-time feedback makes it easy for you and your music teacher to set practice goals and track your progress, giving you a greater return on your investment in music lessons.

A familiar, attractive user interface makes tempoTeacher a snap to use, even if you’ve never used a music app before. Loads of additional features and a nice price make tempoTeacher a great value–and the only metronome app you’ll ever need. Welcome to the future of music education–let birdSound be your guide!


  • Ultra-accurate metronome with loud, pleasant “click” sound. Quickly and easily adjust tempo and beat division to fit your practice goals.
  • Teacher Mode: Accurate, adjustable real-time audio analysis with no additional accessories needed (works great with apple earpods, though)!
  • Built-in low-latency headphone/practice amp with Tone, Gain, and Reverb controls.
  • Built-in tone generator (E-A-D-G-B-E) with simple transposition for alternate tunings.
  • Familiar, intuitive layout and navigation with attractive, retina-optimized graphics.
  • Built-in help mode for quick explanations of all tempoTeacher’s controls.
  • Compatible with most iOS audio adapters/microphones.

(For the sake of disclosure, I was given a promo code for Tempo Teacher)