Welcome to the iPhone Apps for Music Education blog! I am a secondary teacher in music education, currently teaching vocal music, but I am also licensed in instrumental (band/orchestra) and general music. I also teach courses in music history and music theory at the high school level.

This blog will share my findings (and reviews) of various applications that are useful for music education. At the time of writing, I own several iPods, and I use iPods on a regular basis in my teaching. The iPods I use at school (4GB 3rd Generation iPod “Fatty” Nanos) were obtained through a grant, and we use those iPods with the Brookstone Boombucket, which is a fantastic piece of technology…it allows you to amplify music anywhere (battery powered) yet still is portable for use by students (they go to sectionals to rehearse in various places).

3rd Generation iPod Nano (4GB, originally $149)

Brookstone Boom Bucket ($150)

I will be purchasing an iPhone in October 2008, as I currently hold a contract with Verizon which will expire soon. I cannot cancel early, as I do not wish to absorb a $175 early termination fee–per line!

Please feel free to add comments or to post questions. This blog is based off my own purchases and observations, and is not sponsored by any software company or Apple. Likewise, if you have an application you want me to review, a review may need to wait until I can purchase an application!