My Books


I currently have three books available for sale on the iBookstore.  Two are centered around the use of technology in music education, the third is a fun book that my family created (silly ways that you shouldn’t use an iPad).  These interactive books from the iBookstore can be read on iPads as well as on MacBooks (on OS X 10.9, Mavericks in the fall of 2013).

The books are:

If you do not have iBooks and would like to buy a copy of the books in PDF format, please contact me via e-mail. I can provide a non-interactive PDF and accept payment through Paypal.  I can update books on the iBookstore over time (the higher price of my books reflects this change, versus the $4.99 price in the past), so most users will want to choose the iBooks interface (I cannot promise updates for the PDF versions).

Thank you for your support and interest in my books!


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