2020 Illinois Music Education Conference

I just returned home from a quick trip to Illinois to present a couple of sessions. Thank you to everyone who attended the iPad session. It is difficult to present a session on the iPad these days as it is no longer a “hot topic” in education—and the most important developments have been in the operating system rather than the incremental changes in apps and accessories. Ultimately, the best apps keep getting better, the mediocre and bad apps fade out of view, and it is really hard for new apps to find success.

The three areas I would encourage most music educators to examine with the iPad are these:

First, take time to explore those “big” apps and make sure that you know all of the features of those apps. For example, forScore is a PDF music reader. So it is an inch wide, but a mile deep with many features for musicians and music educators.

Second, start using video in your work—for assessment and instruction. It is how kids are learning today away from school, and we need to tap into that.

And finally, if you have a favorite app, and need it to do something else, please write the company. While some companies are larger, many apps are created by a team of one or two people.

Thank you for coming! A PDF of the keynote appears below!

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