Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar

One of my favorite companies when it comes to technology and music education is Zivix. Zivix is located in the Twin Cities (not too far away from where I live) and they have released a number of products over the years, including the Jamstik (different versions), PUC (different versions), and Air Jamz. They have been industry leaders in the development of wireless MIDI and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) MIDI applications.

Zivix has always had education on its mind as it creates products…with a main focus of introducing people to music through the use of technology. And over the years, they have dabbled in the area of music in the classroom in addition to their work for individuals who want to learn how to play music.

For a long time, I have said that if you teach guitar in a classroom setting, you need a Jamstik–and I think that’s still true. I don’t teach guitar any more…but if I did, I would be using my Jamstik all the time.

Professional guitarists have had a different relationship with Zivix…they have seen the technology (and how well it works), but have consistently asked for a full size guitar…not just five or seven frets.

Zivix had been working on a larger Jamstik, but decided to abandon that project (mid-stream) to make a full size studio MIDI guitar, as they decided it was the right time to do so. Well, they just introduced the studio guitar to the public at Winter NAMM (2020), and preorders are now available. $600 secures a place in the limited pre-order. The instruments start shipping in April 2020…and Zivix has had a great track record of actually releasing products (unlike some other companies).

Admittedly, I’m not their intended audience for this project…the Jamstik 7 does all I would ever need it to do, and ukulele has taken over my life…but I know that there are a LOT of guitar players who will make great use of this technology. $600 may seem like a lot (especially to a ukulele player), but it seems to me to be a great price for the technology in the world of a full-size guitar. If you are a guitar player who works with digital music…go visit their website and find out more about it. If guitar and digital music are your thing–this might very well change your life.