Summer 2019 MacBooks

A year ago, I was faced with the decision of having to replace my ten year old MacBook. Incidentally, I couldn’t find a buyer for my old MacBook (and didn’t want to place it on eBay), so my 11 year old son is continuing to use it to watch YouTube videos.

Right now, I’m standing in an Apple Store, and I remember how challenging it was to settle on a new MacBook. I wanted the Touch Bar, and 16GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive…pretty much the configuration I would recommend to anyone else (Touch Bar is optional, of course) that wants their MacBook to last until Apple declares it obsolete.

This time of year is a great time to buy a MacBook with the education discount, as well as a discount on Apple Care (I can’t recommend this enough), and a free set of Beats.

I couldn’t bring myself to buy the MacBook at this time of year (I really didn’t need the Beats…I wish Apple would offer other incentives, such as a discount on an iPad or AirPods or something else). So I waited for last summer’s MacBooks to hit the refurbished store, which took a couple of months. I then bought my current MacBook which is great–exactly what I wanted–at a lower cost than the education discount (but perhaps more expensive if you throw in the Beats promotion).

A couple of weeks ago, Apple refreshed their MacBook line up, making things simpler and even dropping a model (the 12″ MacBook).

As I look around, I think the MacBook to buy is the MacBook Air with 16GB of RAM and the 500GB hard drive for $1700. You can’t get into a similar configuration of a MacBook Pro for less than $2200. Or you can wait for these to hit the refurbished store, too. Or buy a 2018 MacBook Pro with TouchPad from the refurbished store, like I did.

If your heart is drawn to the $999 MacBook Air (Education pricing), go for it. It will work fine, but I do think there are benefits to more RAM and storage. And I also think Apple’s 2 TB iCloud storage plan is a pretty good deal…and I expect that value to increase in the future (someday they’ll offer even more storage for the same price). And don’t forget that if you have family sharing enabled, all the members of your family can tap into that 2 TB of data! iCloud had a bumpy start but really works well these days. There is a reason why Dropbox has so drastically changed its user experience!

And if you are a Windows user, I don’t expect you to buy a Mac–I’ve simply migrated to the Apple side of the technology world, and the Apple environment works best for the work that I do.