Screen Time on iOS 12

We just had a bit of a scare in our house.  Our ten year old told us that our six year old had just bought hundreds of dollars of in-app purchases…

And he was right.

We had always required a password for downloads, but for some reason, when we installed iOS 12, that password setting went to “none.”  As a result, we have $450 of pending charges for in app purchases on our bank account.

The good news?   I was able to contact Apple, through their chat, and they started the process to reverse the charges, usually within 7-10 days.

If you are are used to the “Restrictions” area of previous versions of iOS, it isn’t there any more.  You have to use the new Screen Time app.  The crazy part?  Screen Time used the same password I had created long ago in “Restrictions,” but the choices I had made on my children’s iPads were not the same as I had once made.

So, if you are a parent, and you have children with iPads and their own accounts under “Family Sharing,” it might be worth going into the Screen Time app and making sure that App Downloads and In App Purchases are turned OFF.  Sure, it will be more work to add an app in the future…but that’s far better than a very big surprise in your bank account!