Technology That Influenced My Life in 2017-2018: Wireless Microphone System

I’m a teacher: I use my voice a lot. I’m a singer: I use my voice a lot. I teach middle school students who are not afraid to talk: I use my voice a lot to speak over them.

For a long time, when I get sick, my body has learned to attack my voice to get me to slow down. In fact, I got sick a week ago when we were camping and thankfully, I kept my voice until I was done with a workshop for the Wisconsin Center for Music Education on Wednesday. By Wednesday night, I was full sick and my voice was fully gone–and it still isn’t back.

I have written about this before, but this was such a game changer for me that I bring this advice to all of my fellow music educators: USE A MICROPHONE SYSTEM. Yes, you can speak/shout/sing over your band/choir/orchestra/General Music class. I did the same thing. But I was wrong. My elders had told me to do this 15 years ago. I was foolish and stubborn. Don’t follow my example.

With all sincerity, the microphone system made it so much easier to get through each day, and changed my perspective to a slightly more positive outlook each day (even in the midst of deep, deep challenges).

I bought a ridiculously cheap microphone system from Amazon, a Pyle 2 channel lavalier system for $35. I plugged that into the PA system that I was already using for my room–and this made a HUGE difference. I should have used a microphone for my workshop on Wednesday–and I never want to teach without a microphone again.

I also used the microphone system at my concert–our last in a gym–as I brought the PA system into the gym for the concert anyway.

I was a little worried that the Pyle system would pick up other broadcast items (such as the communication system used by our principals and support staff–or baby monitors in the community), but I had no problems, and had I been broadcasting on other frequencies in the school, people would have let me know.

Do expect to use 2 AA batteries a week (I teach 5 classes a day on a 7 period day).

Our new school will feature voice reinforcement in every room, so I may not need the system–but it is packed up and going to the new school when it opens (supposedly later this month).

Interested in a cheap mic system for your room? Check out the Pyle Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System

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