Some miscellaneous tech info: Light Signature, NiceChart, and RehearsalAids

Every now and then, I hear from developers and companies about their products, and they don’t always fit into my workflow.  I know that my blog (and others) frequently receive requests to feature articles by other bloggers (likely for a fee), which is something that I am not particularly interested in, either.  This is a blog that I write from my own experiences as a way to give back to the community of music educators.  With all sincerity, if you want to share your thoughts, start your own blog!  Let me know about it and I’ll be happy to include it on my blog roll here on this site.

The first tech item is an app by Matthew Fagan, who has developed a keyboard-based app to interact with various scales and chords, and also has MIDI in/out functionality.  That app is called LightSignature.   Go check it out!

The second tech item is a new sheet music technology that was just launched at the Midwest Band and Orchestra clinic, called NiceChart.  NiceChart is a customization-based  technology that allows directors to customize arrangements to their instrumentation and individual proficiency levels of each member of the ensemble.  You can find their website at, and you should see a growing list of available titles as time goes on.

The third tech item is an existing service by RehearsalAids, where the company will create rehearsal tracks (visual and sound) from your existing literature for (choral) students to use.  If you contact the company, you will find that the services are very affordably priced for schools.  I don’t know what your school year looks like, but January through March was always the “heavy” part of the year at the high school level with a conference music festival, large group contest, and solo and ensemble contest.  If I were a director that was not going to make these resources myself, I would certainly look into this service.

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