This week’s Apple events…

I have not yet commented on Apple’s events this week, so I thought I would do so before the week was over.

Apple introduced a new 3rd generation Apple Watch. Simply put, we have no use for it in our family. I had been hoping for a stand-alone cellular watch that we could give my nine year old in place of a phone (no–we’re not doing that), much like the Verizon Gizmo watches. It turns out that the Apple Watch still isn’t a stand alone product and it uses the same cell phone number as your existing iPhone. My 1st generation Apple Watch is going strong, and my wife loves her 2nd generation Apple Watch. I might be open to an update in the fall of 2018–but we’ll have to see.

Apple introduced two new iPhones. We have T-Mobile, which has massively increased coverage and keeps expanding offers for customers. This past week, T-Mobile gave us standard Netflix for free–something we had been paying for. That said, T-Mobile just bought coverage throughout the US in the 600 MHz range (they already have towers with it), but none of the new iPhones…iPhone 8, iPhone 8S, or iPhone X have those bands. As a result, I wasn’t that excited about any of the phones. My current phone is an iPhone 6S with 64GB of memory, and I am always at the limit. So, I ordered the iPhone 8S this morning, as I wanted a larger screen (my farsightedness is progressing) and bought the 256GB version (why couldn’t they offer 128?). I just have to accept that I won’t have access to T-Mobile’s new service bands until I upgrade again in 2019. The X is nice, and I could care less about the “bump” in the screen…whatever. It is an iPhone. You interact with it, and you use it. So many tech columnists are complaining about the X’s bump…get over it. I couldn’t justify waiting for the X when I might be tempted to upgrade in the fall of 2018 for better coverage. We’ll see. I will like inductive charging (on all the iPhones). In fact, I need to go order a couple of Qi mats from Amazon. You realize this means an end to cables, right? That is a move from Apple that is right around the corner. Don’t believe me? Does the Apple Watch have a cable? Expect wireless charging with the next series of iPads, too. And any of these new phones are FAST…benchmarks are showing the phones are nearly as fast as CURRENT MODEL MacBooks. It won’t be too long before someone will be porting the full version of Mac OS on a phone.

Apple is introducing a Qi charging pad next year…awesome. Let me know when it gets here. Ear Pods are also slightly changed, mainly for inductive charging.

In other news, iTunes has removed the ability to back up a phone to a computer, and it has taken the app interface out of iTunes. Most of us weren’t using that interface anyway, but if you did, it is time to move to the cloud, as well as to likely buy some extra iCloud storage each month. iCloud isn’t the mess that it used to be…it has come a LONG way.

And both iOS 11 and Mac OS X High Sierra are right around the corner. As soon as my iPad Pro is paid off (6 months or so), I will be buying a MacBook that can run High Sierra. People are really excited about iOS 11 and iPads. Being conservative when it comes to beta operating systems, I’m waiting to see what they are excited about.

So in summary: Apple continues to improve and advance its products, and many of us will eventually buy them. I just am in a funk about buying an iPhone that can’t take advantage of all that T-Mobile has to offer.


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