Checking on the 32bit apps that will go away in iOS 11

Amy Burns was kind enough to have a short Twitter chat with me a few moments ago, and I thought I would bring her advice to you in case you don’t follow Twitter.

She mentioned that a lot of apps are going away with iOS 11. Want check which ones? Go to SETTINGS->GENERAL->ABOUT->APPLICATIONS

Be prepared to get a little angry or depressed. Your choice.

My music apps that will disappear?

  • Nota
  • Twanger
  • Do-Re-Mi 123 (I still remember my 9 year old playing with this when he was 2 or 3! I made a video of this!)
  • Chord Tunes
  • Accordéon (Remember when Steve Jobs showed this app at an Apple Keynote Address?)
  • Ear Training 1 Free
  • Kids Ear Training
  • Octavian
  • Percussive (!)
  • QAstroNotes (C’mon, Quaver! Really?)
  • PlayPad
  • Xylophones HD
  • Woodchuck Rhythm
  • Piano Learning
  • WavePad (!)
  • GuitarBots
  • ClearTune (!)
  • Singing Fingers (I still have recordings of my boys in this…need to use QuickTime to convert them to video)
  • NoteReader
  • Isle of Tune (!)
  • Rhythm Expert
  • Rockmate (!)
  • Recorder (The old one from JoyTunes, long gone from the AppStore)
  • Scale Helper
  • Octavian Basics
  • tempoTeacher
  • Magic Piano
  • Learn the Orchestra
  • Magic Fiddle
  • Percussive Latin

With a few of these, I feel like I am losing some old friends on my iPad! I’m not even going to go look at my iPhone apps that will disappear. Sigh.

P.S. Amy mentioned that she recommends that people be aware that apps may be in this list, but that developers have several weeks before iOS 11 comes out, so they could still be working on 64 bit versions. So it may be unfair to single out these apps

P.P.S. That said, Apple has been asking for 64 bit apps for 3 years…since the iPad Air…so really, developers have known this was coming…I have been saying this is coming. It is still pretty shocking to realize with iOS 11 coming so soon (beta 6 was released today, and I am not running the beta…I just follow people on Twitter who do).


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