I was busy with school items today and did not catch the news from WWDC.  I still need to watch the keynote (perhaps tomorrow), but Apple released a SIRI based speaker, and also introduced the newest versions of the iPad Pro (10″ and 12″ models).  As I have said for a long time–I was waiting for the new version of the 12″ iPad Pro, and it has been ordered, and should arrive next week.

I am looking forward to the new iPad for a number of reasons: Apple Pencil, increased speed, much better speakers–but most importantly, size.  I am using reading glasses now on a daily basis (something my eye doctors said would eventually happen) and I am really looking forward to interacting with a 12.9″ screen.  I am sure my next iPhone will also be the “Plus” size.

I don’t buy every iteration of every Apple device.  My MacBook (which I am working on right now) is a 2008 Aluminum MacBook (later rebranded as the 13″ Unibody MacBook Pro) that has had 3 hard drive upgrades and holds as much RAM as I could put in it (6GB).  My iPhone is an iPhone 6S that will be two years old in September, and my iPad is an iPad Air 2, which is now over two years old.  Even my Apple watch is going on two years!

Depending on what my carrier does, I will likely upgrade to an iPhone 8 in the fall (or a 7S Plus…whatever it is called), and I will try to continue to use my MacBook as long as I can (9 years in October!).  My Apple watch has been a critical element (along with my iPhone) in helping me with my health (more about that next week) and whether or not I upgrade that device depends on what the new devices will do, and what my older device can no longer do.  This is true for most of my devices…when my MacBook can no longer run Finale, iMovie, or Notion, I will upgrade immediately.  I already cannot upgrade the operating system.  So I do have a lot of Apple stuff, but much of it has been purchased over time, and it is a hobby as much as a professional interest.

I’ll be sure to write about the new iPad Pro when it arrives.


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