Quick Update


A combination of a busy life and very little news has resulted in a rather sparse number of posts in the past months.

Just a few news items for you:

  1. Notion for iOS is on sale for $7.99 right now.  If you don’t have it, buy it.
  2. Sheet Music Scanner was recently updated.  That is another app to purchase if you don’t have it.
  3. Komp was released today…a handwriting-based music notation app.  It is subscription based.
  4. Music Jot (yet another handwriting-based music notation app) recently had a major update.
  5. UberChord was recently updated
  6. Check out Monster Chord (driven by UberChord), which now has ukulele as well

Paul and I will be returning with the Music Education and Technology Podcast very soon, with a number of episodes in the coming months.  To those of you who are teachers, I hope these months of warming weather and mandatory state testing are treating you well!


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