Ten Kettles Applications

This afternoon, an e-mail from Ten Kettles appeared in my inbox.  It was a standard “update” e-mail, announcing that the Waay app can now be used offline without a direct internet connection.

Waay is an app that teaches music theory, and is intended for people learning music theory on their own (music theory for songwriting).  When I looked at the app some time ago, it really wasn’t an app that I would personally use in my classroom.  However, if I were a songwriter or guitar player who wanted to learn music theory, I would definitely check out the app, much like I would also check out apps like UberChord.

Ten Kettles has two other apps either available or coming soon.  One is an EQ ear-training app called HearEQ.  I use In Tune with the S-Cubed Sight Singing Method to help students develop sensitivity to pitch. HearEQ doesn’t fit into my workflow, but it certainly could be of use for musicians that perform with amplified sound and sound engineers.

Another app coming soon from Ten Kettles is called Beat Mirror, which will sense your tempo as you play and show you how fast you are playing to help you develop your internal metronome (and hold a steady beat).  This application will certainly be of interest to music educators…and would be wonderful to mirror on a screen.

This blog is focused on technology that can be used in what we think of as “traditional” music education.  If I cannot grasp a way to use an application or hardware item in a classroom (e.g. band, choir, orchestra, general music, music theory, guitar, etc.), I am probably not going to write about it.  Sadly, however, the number of active blogs about technology and music education–and even technology and “learning music”–are on the decline.  So I certainly understand the value of word of mouth and the need for developers to get the word out–But I generally want to write about apps and services that I can see in the classroom.  This doesn’t mean that other types of music education are less important. It just means that I need to write about things that I can understand and use in the classroom and can suggest to other music teachers as they attempt to integrate technology into their teaching.


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