The Most Expensive App? And expiring apps?


Years ago, when the App Store was a new thing, an app made the news by being expensive…$999.  It was entitled, “I Am Rich,” and only showed a glowing ruby on the screen.  We’re not sure if the “I” referred to the buyer, who clearly had a lot of money, or the developer who would quickly make $699 per sale.  The problem is that a number of people bought the app, thinking it was a joke or a typographical error–and found themselves out of $1000.  Apple quickly pulled the app, and then refunded money to purchasers.

Several years ago, a person came to me at a show and showed me a $700 app for piano tuners.  I couldn’t remember the name, and a search for tuners didn’t result in a quick find–and I didn’t want to spend much time looking for it.

This weekend, I was shown that app at a music convention…it is “Cyber Tuner” and it now sells for $999.  It is a professional app for piano tuners that is made for their needs.  It also represents one heck of an investment.  That said, the app has incredibly positive feedback from purchasers.  Furthermore, it is an “iPhone” app and not a universal app for iPad (it runs on the iPad, but has not been designed specifically to work on the iPad).  Please, if you choose to buy Cyber Tuner, use my referral link, and send 7% of the purchase price (which comes of out Apple’s 30%) to my referral account!

I do wonder what a $999 app can do in terms of tuning that a $3.99 app cannot (such as TonalEnergy Tuner, a favorite of instrumental music educators).  So I opened up TonalEnergy Tuner, and this warning appeared:


I have been seeing this warning from a number of apps as of late, and am thankful for it.  Many developers stop developing a product, when every app should be tweaked for the latest OS at least once a year.  This warning might force developers to update on a yearly basis.  I just read an article this morning that Apple is beginning to purge outdated apps throughout the App Store in a very rigorous fashion.   I am not sure if developers are being warned, or if the apps require a certain date for their last update, or if they are looking at compatibility/last OS that it was developed for.



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