ME&T Podcast Sponsor: UberChord


I am very pleased to announce that UberChord has stepped up to sponsor the first year of hosting fees for the Music Education & Technology Podcast.

UberChord is currently a free app that helps you learn guitar, listening to your playing on a live instrument.  They will be adding paid content and some other new exciting features (that’s a teaser) in the future.  From their website:

MASTER CHORDS with real-time visual feedback using your REAL GUITAR! Experience the next level of guitar training with the world’s first interactive app that understands what you are playing and adapts to your personal skills. Featured on Guitar Player and Musicradar, Uberchord uses exclusive technology that literally “listens” to you play and gives instant analysis & feedback like a real guitar teacher.

I am thrilled about their sponsorship for a number of reasons.  First, it is a company/product that exists outside of our definition of “traditional” American music education.  UberChord is about music education, but its current model is focused on individual music education rather than group instruction.  On a personal note, I can say that UberChord’s sponsorship helps me remember that music education is more than what I do every day.  It is exceptionally easy to get lost in one’s own world/experience.  Second, the company is located in Berlin, and has fourteen employees–a very typical app development team with international reach.  Most apps are not “home brewed” in the United States, and UberChord’s global perspective can again remind us to have more than an American-centric point of view.  Third, and most importantly, UberChord was the first to reach out to us with an offer of sponsorship and made it happen; and they did so without any strings attached.  It turns out that they are located in the same building as SoundCloud (our Podcast home) and were able to use SoundCloud’s ability to “gift” a subscription.

I also want to thank the other individuals and companies that reached out to us to sponsor the podcast…we are appreciative of your offers.  UberChord had simply replied first, and we wanted to honor their speedy response.

We are–of our own desire (not at the demands of any company)–going to provide a short advertisement for UberChord in every podcast we record over the next year, and we will also thank UberChord for its sponsorship at the end of every episode.  We will also have UberChord as a guest (something that was not promised in our discussions leading to our sponsorship) because their story is fantastic.   UberChord will offer wonderful insights into a different angle of music education as well as insights into app development (and the world of start-ups!).  It may seem like I am overselling UberChord–but trust me, the interview that we will record with them is something you will enjoy!

As I mentioned on the new ME&T blog (a place for links from our show), we are going to keep an eye on our listening audience, and it is possible that we will eventually incorporate other advertisements in our podcast to generate some income from the podcast.  But for now, the one expense connected to the podcast (other than the time invested in recording and editing) has been graciously sponsored by UberChord.

Of course, if you haven’t tried UberChord, and you play guitar (or want to learn guitar), go download it!  (Note: UberChord is an iPhone app, so if you have an iPad, you will want to search for it in the correct category on the App Store)



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