The Music Education & Technology Podcast

Paul Shimmons ( and I have teamed up to record the first in what we hope is a series of podcasts on technology and music education.  We had intended for this first episode to be an interview with forScore, but due to a number of complications, we were unable to include an interview with the forScore team (hopefully we can make an interview happen in the future).  We had 42 minutes of a podcast already prepared, so we wanted to get this first podcast out there.  For those of you who listen to podcasts, the podcast should also be available in iTunes.

Paul and I would love to spend time with developers and companies that touch the field of music education, and we also hope to bring interviews with other leaders in the music education field.  We would also be open to sponsorship (we would be happy to read an ad) for the costs associated with hosting the podcast.  Feel free to e-mail the podcast e-mail address at metpodcast@ g m a i (no spaces).

The first podcasts establishes our regular format, with discussions about forScore, Finale 25, and Dorico amongst other subjects.

We also want to feature listener questions, so feel free to e-mail us with questions!




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