iOS Tip: Search in settings!

This past week, I taught a series of Á la carte classes on technology for the Wisconsin Center for Music Education. As usual, I shared my knowledge but also left with new knowledge. 

While going over the basics of iOS, Chris Telfer showed us that you use search in Settings to find a specific setting.

The usual Settings interface

I have spent a lot of time searching for specific settings in the past, and I never paid attention to the search box that is built into Settings. 

Pull down in the left colum and reveal the search box.

For example…let’s say you want to check usage, but don’t remember where it is.  Go to settings, pull down on the left menu, and enter “usage” in the search box.  As soon as you hit the “Search” button (where return normally is), you will find what you are looking for. 

Search results for “key”

This is a great tip–and I appreciate that Chris was willing to share it with us!