A new Kickstarter project: AirJamz

Here is a fun new product for you: Zivix, a company in Minnesota (and the creators of the JamStik and the PUC) have started their latest crowd funded project: AirJamz.  Simply put, AirJamz is wearable device that allows you to “air jam” and have an iOS or Android device follow those movements.  Zivix showed off the device at SXSW this past winter, and it was a hit.

In terms of music education, this isn’t a device that you are going to directly use in your classrooms.  However–it does have the potential as a product for reward days, music therapy, and some other uses that I haven’t thought of yet.  

What if they could tweak their app to allow for the training of conductors–direct a symphony orchestra or choir from the AirJamz?  That could revolutionize the instruction of conducting.  

Zivix isn’t a music education company–it is a company that makes products so that music is fun for all people.  It is just fortunate that Zivix products often “creep” into the world of music education–I wouldn’t want to teach a guitar class without a JamStik.  

It is easy to see how this product would be popular with a lot of people.  After all, if you are willing to drop the money on Guitar Hero–why not AirJamz?  I believe that, like their other products, Zivix will provide free software which works with the device (which sounds a lot like Apple’s strategy of providing at least basic versions of the software with the purchase of hardware).

There are a lot of things I don’t know about the AirJamz at this point, such as how long batteries last, if it could be potentially used as a step-tracker, and if there is any chance to make a (paid) Apple Watch app in place of buying the AirJamz hardware.  However, the price point of AirJamz (and their small speaker, MiniJamz) is extremely affordable with the KickStarter.  I like this company a lot, and it will be fun to see what comes from this device.  I encourage you to support their efforts and to join the KickStarter campaign.


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