ScorePad KickStarter Campaign


The ScorePad KickStarter Campaign

Well, it is 2016, and while we finally have options for large format tablets, the iPad has some very powerful apps for displaying sheet music but similar tools for other platforms are not of the same quality.

There have been a few attempts at multi-platform solutions. One of those used to be known as NeoScores (a name I liked) but is now available at There is a 30 day free trial, but after that there is tiered pricing. But this is one way to get a universal music reader on any tablet.  Group pricing is available. 

There is another multi-platform approach that has entered funding mode, called ScorePad.   You can find out more about ScorePad at their KickStarter site (link).   They are trying to raise $47,500.  Visit their campaign site, and consider backing them if you share their vision. One cool feature they have shared is that a single person can mark a master score, and those markings can be sent to all the members of a group. 

I am also looking forward to what Noteflight/Hal Leonard brings out as a solution in connection with Noteflight Learn. 

I agree with ViolaJack’s assessment that Mobile Sheets is the best option for Android, and I think (not certain) that Music Reader is still the only major player on Windows. And of course, there are forScore and unrealBook on iPad.  For Chromebooks?  I still don’t know of a good non-subscription solution that allows for annotation, even with the new flip Chromebooks from Asus and Acer. 

I’m still sold on digital sheet music, and my hope is that it will be available without DRM (digital rights management) in various formats (PDF & MusicXML) from all publishers in the future, perhaps managed by a annual subscription that would give you access to all music from all publishers (paying publishers and composers back based on usage) like Apple Music. 

It is funny that the recording industry has been able to figure this out while the print industry has not. Here’s hoping for more solutions in the future!


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