Ring Tones?

I received an e-mail from a teacher this week that was wondering if there was an easy way to convert student audio (such as from their own GarageBand composition) into a ring tone and save it to their own phones (iPhones and Android). 

I love the idea. The technology is capable of doing this. But can it be done?

GarageBand (even for iOS) can export audio to a ring tone–but it has to be on the same device to be added to the library. Otherwise, you have to export th file, open/save it in iTunes, and connect the phone via a cable to iTunes. Undid some research and this appears to still be true. 

With the latest changes with Apple Music, fewer users are ever connecting their phones with a cable. Many iPhones  have never been synced to a computer.

Still, the music library on an iOS device remains a final frontier–only accessible (adding music) through iTunes. 

As a person without an Andorid phone, I would imagine that it is much easier to take an audio file, import it, and use it as a ring tone.  Apple has had a much more restrictive view on music than Google has ever had. 

So…the question…does anyone have a successful way of sharing/adding ring tones to a device without the need to use a wired connection to iTunes?  Please send me an e-mail if you do. 


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