BIG NEWS…StaffWars Live for iOS

This evening, I heard from The Music Interactive, a wonderful developer that has made a number of free and paid apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. If you haven't checked out their website with programs for Mac and Windows, or what they offer in the iOS and Google Play stores…do so.

One of the wonderful apps they developed for Windows and Mac was StaffWars, a game loosely based on Star Wars, where your job is to shoot notes out of the sky before they hit your clef symbol. Version 1 (Mac/Windows) is a note naming challenge; Version 2 was unique in that students were required to PLAY the correct note to destroy the incoming note.

Several years ago, The Music Interactive began rolling out apps for mobile devices. Version 1 of the desktop version of StaffWars, called StaffWars (iTunes Link) on iOS and Android (only note naming) has been available on iOS and Android for a few years. Now the LIVE version (Version 2 on Mac/Windows) is available on iOS, and is called StaffWars Live. Now your students can PLAY the correct note on their instrument.

Both apps are $0.99, and are a must-buy for any music teacher that wants students to learn the name of their notes. The new app is a must for any instrumental teacher (or student) wanting students to have to play the right notes to the notes on a screen. Gameification is what makes this special.

You have the freedom to choose the instrument (which filters the range appropriately) and to limit the range of notes that a student is required to play. I had fun tonight limiting the app to the Treble Clef, C Major Scale, from C4 to C5, and playing notes on my Concert ukulele.

At conferences, attendees have been asking for this functionality in the app for YEARS. I think it is priced well (I would pay more than $0.99), and both apps (StaffWars and StaffWars Live) are worth having in your iPad “kit.” I was just thinking about how I would have liked to post something else on my blog tonight, but there hasn't been any big news in music education and technology. This app, in my opinion, is a pretty big deal.

I would write more…but I have some more notes to practice on my ukulele.



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