Learn Music With Music Pal

There is a new(er) score recognition app called “Music Pal” that is available on the App Store. It is a free app, and if you take a picture of a score, it will play it back. Right now, the app is free.

I had contacted the company, and they mentioned that it was a “stealth launch mode” as they wanted to see who was using the app and what they were using it for (not for tracking purposes).

The app simply takes a picture of your music and allows you to play it. As I deal with choral music, it didn't handle multiple voice parts (even a relatively simple SA & Piano score) well, but it did pick up a grand staff (piano) relatively well. You can't really do much with the app other than play something (you can change tempo) and I couldn't even save things.

That said, it is a pretty amazing product that works as well as Musitek's SmartScore NOTEReader (the makers of SmartScore X2 Pro, which is the scanning software connected to Finale) which does offer (with a $10 In-App Purchase) the ability to export scanned scores, but nowhere near as accurate as Neuratron's NotateMe PhotoScore In-App Purchase (a $70 investment altogether).

Still, if you want to see, for free, what a smart phone can do for scanning before taking the “plunge” on NotateMe/PhotoScore, this is a great way to do so. You could also download NotateMe Now, the free version of NotateMe, which is bundled with PhotoScore Now, which allows you to scan one single part at a time (i.e. not a choral score or band score).



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