Chromebooks now make up 50% of devices in schools

One of the headlines over the past few days has been about Chromebooks. The tech media (such as this report by Recode) is reporting that Chromebooks now make up over 50% of the devices in schools (this doesn't count the cell phones that are being brought by students to school).

This news isn't surprising, as I have already blogged that “the Chromebook has won in education.”

The is the exact reason why I have a book ($4.99) on Chromebooks in Music Education on the Kindle Store and on the iBooks Store.

Again, I don't think the Chromebook is ideal for music education, or for any other subject that does't have desks. The challenge with Chromebooks in “core” subjects is (teachers) getting students to do more than research, papers, presentations, spreadsheets, and Google Forms on Chromebooks. In terms of Rueben Puentedura's SAMR model, it is very difficult to move teachers past Enhancement (Substitution & Augmentation) with any technology–and this is doubly true with Chromebooks. This doesn't mean that I hate Chromebooks, but many pro-Chromebook technology voices ignore the challenges of that device, and the challenges are real and substantial.

But…Chromebooks are winning, and if they aren't already in your school district, they will be soon–perhaps in a 1:1 setting. Be ready. You may (will?) be asked to use them in your music class.


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