Blog Post Referral: Viola Jack on the Surface Pro and Music Reading

One of the joys of blogging has been getting to know people with similar interests across the country.  In truth, the number of people who consistently blog about technology and music, or technology and music education, can be counted on two hands, and I have had the pleasure of interacting with all of them and meeting a good number of them.

One of the bloggers I really enjoyed interacting with was ViolaJack, a blogger from California who is a string player/teacher.  She has used iPad in her playing and teaching, but has always been open to Microsoft tablets as well–and she eventually interned with PC Magazine.

She dropped off the blogging world for a few years (she writes about that here), and has recently started posting again.  I have missed her blogging voice, because we share some things in common (a love of music, a love of teaching music, and a desire to integrate technology in music) but we approach technology with different solutions.  It is important to listen to other opinions that do not always match your own!  Plus, she is a great writer (you wouldn’t intern at a technology magazine if you were not good at the craft).

Anyway–her latest blog post is about her use of the Surface Pro 3 for music versus the iPad (3rd Generation).  It is a great read…and I am looking forward to seeing a future post from her about using Xodo Docs as a sheet music reader (she used to favor One Note).