iPad Pro Thoughts – On Location

I am currently at the Apple Store at the Mall of America. My boys like to play the demo games in the kids area (my wife and I take turns looking at things), so that gives me a chance to try new products.

 The iPad Pro is simply huge. The tech columns simply can’t make it possible to understand how big it really is.  You need to see it and hold it for yourself. forScore is a demo app on the device, and it looks GREAT on the iPad Pro.  The home screens need to be thought out more–there is simply too much space between the apps.   This will get figured out over time.   The device is fast (I would love to see audio rendering time with Notion).

The Apple Pencil feels great. I only used it for a few minutes, but it works perfectly on the screen, and it is angle aware.  It is a pencil as pen replacement. The only thing I worry about is losing a $100 stylus. 

The new iPad Pro keyboard cover is okay. It works, and you could certainly do real work on the device. I don’t know if I would buy it. With the keyboard cover, the device is bigger than most notebook computers. 

If Apple can put  missing productivity apps on this device (iBooks Author, XCode, Final Cut, and Logic Pro)–which is faster than the new MacBook–this really could become a notebook replacement. 

I think Notion on iPad Pro will be wonderful; you have the potential for much more workable space (compared to the iPad, the iPad Pro version could use less equivalent space for keys and stil have larger keys). 

For me, though, music reading is going to be my primary use for the iPad Pro–and that is why I will eventually buy one (although I would still like to see 3D Touch on the device). It is a good thing that I still need to wait a year. 


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