An Expensive Trip to the NAfME National Conference in Nashville

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to present two sessions at the NAfME National Conference.  My wife and I traveled via car (my one-year-old to me 2006 Prius) and then stayed in a hotel about 40 miles away to keep costs down.

As usual, I brought a number of iPad accessories to show in my 30 apps in 60 minute session on Sunday.

After my second session, the next presenters began to set up immediately after I stopped speaking (there was a 30 minute gap between sessions).  They set up directly over my equipment, and between answering questions and trying to pack up, it was difficult to get my things collected.

I traveled to Madison, Wisconsin on Thursday night for a presentation on iPads in Music Education, I had not worked through any of my belongings after returning from from Nashville on Tuesday, as I taught on Wednesday and Thursday.  Before I left on Thursday, I went to put my travel kit together and realized that I had lost two very important pieces of my “kit” in the shuffle at NAfME.

First, I lost both of my Miselu C.24 keyboards.  These are small iPad-sized keyboards (they were meant to be a cover for the 4th Generation iPad) that I had magnetically connected together and in one of Miselu’s felt sleeves.  Second, I appear to have lost my PUC+, my bluetooth wireless MIDI connector.

I paid only $99 for each of the keyboards as a part of the Kickstarter event; and the PUC+ was a demo unit/gift from Zivix.  Replacement cost of the technology is $199 for each keyboard and $99 for the PUC+.  That means $500 (and these items have all reduced prices).  Ouch.

I have contacted my hotel, the Gaylord Opryland Convention Center, and NAfME–as well as the presenters that followed me after my second session.  I am hoping these items show up–but it is not looking good right now.

Obviously, I had no desire to lose these items or to give them away (although I have given away tech, such as the AirTurn BT-105 that I was given/exchanged for at TMEA three years ago, since I was given an AirTurn PED) and I’m a little bummed about it.  I have presented in a lot of places over the years and have never left any other of my gear behind.

I have some other observations about the NAfME conference that will follow in another post.


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