NAfME Session #1 – 30 Apps in 60 Minutes

As I write this, we have just spent 14 hours on the road, driving to Tennessee so that I can present a session called “30 Apps in 60 Minutes” at the National Association for Music Education Conference in Nashville.  This presentation is on Sunday at 11:00am.

I have given many “XX apps in 60 minute” presentations, which often become a marathon attempt at showing the best of the apps that are out there–often showing 3 or 4 different apps with a similar focus.

For this session, I wanted some time to be able to discuss each app, and thus had to pick (what I feel) the best thirty apps on the market.  Apps were left off the list, and other than grouping all of the GAFE apps as one app, I kept to the list of 30.

My second presentation will be on forScore at 2:30 on Monday.

And if you are interested, the session “handout” is here: 30 Apps in 60 Minutes (only available in PDF format).  I will add the presentation and the handout to my “Past Presentations” in the future.

I am looking forward to presenting at and attending NAfME!  If you are at NAfME, I hope to see you there!


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