A “Stupid” Moment

Our lives, sadly, are often defined by those “stupid” moments where we make mistakes. To err is human.

I had a stupid mistake a week ago.

I bring my iPad to church every Sunday, as I use Notability to take sermon notes. I usually use a stylus (and am currently longing for an Adonit Script for my iPad Air 2) and it works wonderfully for that purpose (I often copy and paste text from Olive Tree Bible Reader, NLT version).

After church, I did something I usually do not do: I put my iPad in the trunk of our car, on top of our baby stroller (which we still use from time to time with our 3 year old). And I left the iPad there.

That afternoon/evening, we went to a wedding of one of my wife's friends. It was a stormy, rainy day at an outside wedding venue (there was a shelter for the reception, which also then served as the location of the ceremony). At the conclusion of the evening the bride's family asked us to take most of the leftover food, as they had no room for it in their cars, and most people were staying in a hotel.

So, in the dark, I opened the trunk, took out the stroller and loaded up the food, later putting the stroller on top of the food containers.

Do you see what happened? I forgot the iPad was there, which had landed on the ground as I took out the stroller.

When we arrived home thirty minutes later and took out the food, I realized the iPad was gone. At this point, it is lightly raining, and I realize there is a good chance that I drove over the iPad as I backed up and left the wedding venue.

I then hastily drove back to the venue. Of course, I managed to get behind every driver who decided to drive under the speed limit on a rainy night, in an area with very few passing lanes.

I arrived at the venue to find my iPad face down, in its “lightly” armored TuaTara case. The case was wet, and you could see my tire tracks (grass parking) from my previous departure, where I had missed the iPad by a foot. The case had done the job–no water was inside. Only the outside was wet. An hour later from my discovery that the iPad was gone, I was back home with an iPad that was okay.

I bought this iPad using T-Mobile's EIP (0% interest) financing and still own more than a year on it. Destroying my iPad would have been a devastating blow to me, as I use it daily for my work. I dodged a bullet there, and I am SO grateful that my iPad was okay.

Yep…a “stupid” moment indeed.


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