Ningenius – School Edition Price Reduction


Earlier this year, both Paul Shimmons (Post #1 and a follow-up Post #2) and I (Post) talked about Ningenius, a relatively new app that allows students to practice fingerings and note names using gamefication.  If you are a band director, particularly of younger players, your students will love the app, and it will be a great way to reinforce both fingering and note names.

The only confusing thing about Ningenius is that it comes in 3 different versions…a student version (one instrument with one user), a studio version (one instrument with unlimited users), and a school version (all instruments, unlimited users).  Many apps would offer only the student version and allow for studio and school functionality with in-app purchases.

The school version was originally $24.99.  The developers sent an e-mail earlier this summer announcing a price drop of the school edition to $17.99.  While this may seem expensive in a world filled with sub $5 apps, Ningenius gives band directors a wonderful tool to use with their students in lesson settings (or like instrument sectionals).   I delayed announcing this as the next school year was a long way away–but many schools in other parts of the country start school next week, so I wanted to get this news out to you.

Just as a note: the student version is offered through the Education Volume Purchase Program for $1.49 per copy (with an order of more than 20), at which cost the student version is even more accessible to students.  If you are at a 1:1 school that has a MDM (Mobile Device Manager/Mass Device Manager) that can distribute (and collect) apps, purchased apps can be used year after year, and not “burned.”   As a reminder…volume purchases have to be arranged through your school district and do not require the use of a MDM (an MDM is required to be able to “recall” apps, however).


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