New version of Notion for iOS

We have been traveling and my access to the Internet has been limited–but I haven’t seen this news posted anywhere, so I wanted to mention that you can–right now— download/buy a version of Notion for iOS which is a universal binary–meaning that it can be used on iPhone and iPad. 

Notion is a big app (in terms of download size 140 MB before sounds)–but it comes with a great selection of sounds, plus a chance to buy more sounds for pennies on the dollar (versus any other computer notation app or even Notion’s computer app).  

Notion is one of my “must buy”‘ apps for iPad–and it now works the iPhone.  There are also a number of interface changes with the app, including a new look and use of iCloud.

I have been a beta tester for Notion, and as such, I could not say anything about the app until it was released. PreSonus remains committed to the Notion products, and the app will continue to be developed. Some early adopters of this version are experiencing some crashing (seen in the App Store reviews)–but I am sure that PreSonus will address those crashes with an update in the very near future. 

On a related note, Symphony Pro, the other true music notation app for iOS is also providing more information about its new version, which is coming soon (target date of September). One of Symphony Pro’s new features will be the ability to use a Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard for shortcuts (to my knowledge, nobody has done that with an iOS music app before, and it makes sense.  I wouldn’t mind seeing some of Notion’s computer program shortcuts included in a similar way). 


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