PUC+ on Indiegogo NOW!

The PUC+ (image created by Zivix)

The PUC+ (image created by Zivix)

Zivix, the makers of the JamStik (and new JamStik+) are offering the new PUC+ on Indiegogo now.  The original PUC acted as a wi-fi hotspot, allowing you to connect just about any MIDI device to an iOS device or Mac without cords.  The new PUC+ connects using LE (low energy) Bluetooth.

LINK TO THE INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/puc-plus-universal-bluetooth-midi-interface

If you have followed techinmusiced.com, you know that I am in love with Bluetooth MIDI…it changes the game.

Why would you want the PUC+?  Simply to be able to connect a MIDI device your (recent) iPad or Mac using Bluetooth.  Right now, you can support the PUC+ initiative and get a PUC+ for a great price–making your current MIDI device a Bluetooth MIDI device, without having to buy a new device that is Bluetooth enabled.

I have talked about another device, the mi.1, which is less expensive–but works with a much smaller range of devices.

I was sent a preproduction PUC+ and will be writing about it soon–I have had some issues editing the video that will accompany the review.

Really–if you have an existing MIDI device–or devices–the PUC+ is wonderful (review coming soon) and a great buy (Hint: buy one today).


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