Another iOS Device Repair Recommendation: Dr. Phonez

My family hasn't had a very good record as it comes to iOS repair. There was a Minnesota shop that I used successfully until an iPad wasn't repaired for more than two months, and it took a process to get the (poorly) repaired device back (including daily e-mails & calls that were never answered, BBB reports, and eventually calling the police in that community). That business is no longer in business, I am sad to say.


My previous iPad (4th Generation) suffered a cracked screen that I took to another local place to repair, and that repair was good. However, my iPhone 5 (previous iPhone) speakerphone stopped working, and the company was unable to do that repair successfully. That iPhone eventually was traded in to T-Mobile for our current iPhones. However, I cannot recommend that repair company because it was unable to follow-through on that repair (and follow-up calls were promised and never followed-up on).


We had a faulty iPod Touch, and sent it to a store in Iowa for repair, and that device was damaged by the company and replaced without any request from our part (for the cost of the repair). We felt we were dealt with fairly from that company, but the destruction of the original device makes me hesitant to recommend them for other repairs.


Well, my wife's 1st Generation iPad Mini stopped charging. I tried cleaning the charging port with no change–and even took the device to Apple, who verifed my conclusion, but they were unwilling to try to fix the device. As a result, they would sell us a refurbished unit for $199. Keep in mind you could buy a refurbished 2nd Generation (Retina) 64GB device from the Apple Store for $299, so that wasn't a good option, either. Incidentally, Apple's selling price for a normal refurbished 16GB 1st Generation iPad Mini without a trade in? $199. Not much of a deal there.


I checked locally, and no one was willing to tackle the charging port, but a company in San Antonio, Dr. Phonez, was. They came up with a Google search for “iPad Mini Charging Port Repair.” I bought the repair online ($89.95), sent in the device ($12 with insurance), and about a week later, it came back to us (their shipping/packaging is included in the price). The iPad Mini works and it charges, with all of its original data, for one-half the cost of an Apple replacement. I have looked the iPad mini over, and I can't see how they repaired it. An iPad screen (any kind) is very difficult to take off, and very difficult to take off without breaking. They did it. And there is no way that they replaced the port AND replaced the screen for $89.95.


Again, this was my first repair from them, and we had nothing to lose. If the iPad was unrepairable, it was unusable. So it was an all-or-nothing repair. They did not know that I am a blogger, and I am not receiving any commission for referrals.


But as of today, I can recommend Dr. Phonez. You can find them at




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