Speed of the iPad Air 2

Yesterday I happened upon the first situation where the speed improvements of the iPad Air 2 (over my 4th Generation iPad) became apparent and impacted my life. 

I use Notion on the iPad as an accompanist, and at some point I export audio out of Notion (which is incredibly easy to do) to an AAC audio file, which I then import into forScore to link to score (the audio can then be played from the score, sent over AirPlay). 

The conversion process in Notion used to take a while to complete. The app saves the file as a WAV, then converts it to an AAC, then exports the file to the destination (“Open In” would be an easier step, but Notion saves the file to Dropbox, Sound Cloud, e-mail, or to the app’s folder that can only be accessed through iTunes).  This process used to take a little while on my 4th Generation iPad–minutes.  On the iPad Air 2, the process takes seconds. 

This is the first time I have seen any process that is substantially faster on the iPad Air 2, and it represents a true time savings for me.  For example, creating practice tracks for a four part choral octavo used to take a half hour (including distribution of the recordings).   Now I could do it in 10 minutes.  In the past, I could never convert a song “on the spot” in a rehearsal as it would take too long. Now I can take 30 seconds to do this task. 

Incidentally, it seems that Notion makes an audio file just as fast (if not faster) on the iPad Air 2 as it does on my 2008 MacBook. 

I’m not sure what other situations will occur where I will see speed improvements…but this discovery is both repesentative of the speed of the device and a real time saver. 


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