Happy Birthday, forScore!

I was so thrilled about forScore back in 2010. Coming from the Music Pad Pro, forScore was amazing, although it lacked features. Later, unrealBook came into my world, and I spent a lot of time comparing the apps, trying to figure out which was better. I also made a couple of other app developers mad with My conclusions.

Five years later, I still think it is good to have those two PDF music readers in your iPad quiver. Five years later, there is still no comparable app for the best two PDF music readers on the iPad on any other platform.

Five years later, I am still wishing for an iPad Pro. And I just bought the iPad Air 2.

forScore is so important in my workflow that I am presenting on its use at both the Wisconsin MEA conference and at the NAfME conference this October (I haven't even shared that with the developers of forScore yet). The app has developed so many features that most users don't know how to take advantage of them–thus I am presenting my first sessions based on a single music iPad app–and those sessions have been accepted by organizations. And no–forScore is not sponsoring the sessions or travel.

Happy birthday, forScore! Here's to the next five years!


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