The JamStik+ Campaign Continues

I have talked a lot about my JamStik, and Zivix, the makers of JamStik, is offering a KickStarter campaign to produce their latest JamStik, the JamStik+, which has all the goodness of the original JamStik plus a pick-up and Bluetooth MIDI. I blogged about this the other day, and they are offering discounts off the eventual MSRP of $299. The original JamStik was sold in Apple Stores, and I would guess that this updated device will be, too. The early bird deals are gone, but good discounts remain for the next 36 days.

Zivix was trying to raise $50,000. Their original JamStik camaign on Indiegogo raised $190,000.

Currently, the JamStik+ has over 1,000 backers and has raised over $250,000. Wow. And for each 15 JamStiks sold, 1 will be donated to an educational organization.

I am using JamStiks with some of my alternative students in my middle school program, and kids are interested in the devices. The new JamStik will solve some of the minor issues that we have faced, and the high level of funding should allow Zivix to put some more emphasis on app development–both existing and future apps.

If you want to contribute, or to get a JamStik+ at a discount, join the campaign:

The best part about this campaign? This isn’t a vaporware campaign…the original JamStik is on the market, and you KNOW you will receive your item, on or very close to the proposed timeline.


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