Great Fundraising Ideas

One of the big questions regarding technology is “How do I afford to purchase technology for my program?” Some teachers are lucky and they can simply request technology. Some schools have waited so long for a request from the music department that they immediately grant requests. Other schools need to fundraise.

In my program, we do a local restaurant sale (a box of discount cards) and a combination of chocolate boxes (World's Finest) and Coffee (Annick's Old World Coffee). The money we raise pays for just about everything, including music, technology, and apparel for students (if they cannot afford it).

From time to time I write about Ozark Delight Lollipops. In the old days (pre-Obama), you could sell these things in school and you could sell a ton. Two things happened…first the price of each lollipop raises where you could no longer sell two for $1.00; and of course, school regulations about selling candy at school. Well, Ozark Delight has a new lollipop that meets federal standards and is made of sugar (they also come with 100% of Daily Vitamin C and 26% of Daily Fiber requirements). We recently obtained two bags (one from Illinois, and one from Texas) of these suckers–and they are great! At this point, $1.00 for a long-lasting sucker is not a bad price, yielding 62% profit. Or you could sell 6 for $5.00 (which many students would do). I LOVED this fundraiser in the past (you will get students who buy a bag for themselves), and the changes to the formula (D'Lites) will allow them in your schools. We may sell them in choir before and after school. I like this product so much that I would consider going to work for them. Really.

The other fundraiser of interest was the “Ten Foot Fundraiser” by SmartCell. The idea is that you sell 10' charging cables for Android, iPhone 4 (and earlier), and iPhone 5 (and later). I believe the cables sold for $15, and came with a 50% profit. The cables are not Apple certified and thus will not work with iPads, and come with a 90 Day no-questions-asked policy (shipped replacement). I haven't used the cables, so I cannot attest to their quality, but it is an interesting concept, particularly as we travel with kids with iPod Touches, and a 10' cord could make our lives better. Even more so, the ability to get an Apple certified cord would be great in our 1:1, as student cords break ALL THE TIME, and many families would be willing to purchase a back-up, particularly if the back-up was cheaper than an Apple cord, and easier to buy than via the internet (i.e. face-to-face sale with a student).

So…there you go…try Ozark Delight and SmartCell. You might also want to give Mark H. a call with Annick's Old World Coffee, which we have found to be a unique product and a good value (the roast coffee has to be compared with a fresh roasted coffee, not packages at your large department store).

I should note that I do not receive any referral kickbacks for writing about these posts, although I did get a free bag of suckers from Ozark Delight in 2014.


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