Weezic…Another Tool?

Over the past few weeks, Weezic has come back on my radar. I have known about Weezic for some time, but have not written about it. Weezic, in the past, has been a company that has provided a multi-platform service with “augmented sheet music” that allows you to see the music, transpose the music, see a video of the music, and to assess your playing of that music. Most of the songs are geared towards more advanced players. As a resutl, the service didn't really have much use to me as a high school or middle school music teacher, so I never blogged about it.

Weezic has an upcoming service that suddenly puts them on my interest list–they will allow teachers to be able to upload their own MusicXML files and to have students be assessed to those MusicXML files.

Think: “Low Cost Smart-Music” Weezic has a library of some 1200 songs, but those songs are not the massive library of content that SmartMusic has (and continues to add to).

I know band directors who choose their music based on its availablity of SmartMusic. Unless they are willing to scan their literature (unlikely), Weezic isn't going to be a solution for those band directors.

However, if you are in a low income school (such as my current situation) where students cannot afford $40 per year; or if you are a choir director (as I am) where none of our content is on SmartMusic, Weezic's upcoming education services are very interesting.

The company just won the “best educational software” award from NAMM (Winter NAMM), and was present at TMEA. They did not have a demonstration of the new educational features, which should be rolling out in the next two months.

Don't get me wrong–I have presented sessions on how to use SmartMusic with choir. However, at the time, I was working at a high school with practice rooms. My current school (same district) has no practice rooms, and although we are 1:1, I cannot expect or ask my students to buy subscriptions to SmartMusic (many of my students struggle to buy an $8 t-shirt for choir concerts). So the possibility of a much cheaper alternative is appealing, especially when I have to provide my own content anyway. Again, for directors that use existing content, Weezic may not be the answer. You somehow have to get music into MusicXML (or Finale or Sibelius) format.

I have signed up for an educational account, and will be blogging about the educational features when they come on line!



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